Business Opportunity – Finca with 3 Separate Dwellings in Pueblo Mogan

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Business Opportunity – Finca with 3 Separate Dwellings in Pueblo Mogan
35140 Mogán, Las Palmas, Spain
Exclusive, Se Vende 970,000€ - Finca
F634VS 159000 10 Habitaciones 8 Cuartos de baño

Business Opportunity – Finca with 3 Separate Dwellings in Pueblo Mogan

New exclusive listing

Large well maintained Finca in Pueblo Mogán

The property consists of 3 individual buildings across the 159,209.00m2 plot of land

The Ruin .. This is far from a ruin now it’s been refurbished and designed to a fabulous standard with a huge terrace at the front.

The house.. top floor of the 2nd building a well designed large 1 bedroom apartment

Casa Milvary .. bottom part of 2nd building – 2 bedroom independent accommodation with 2 bathrooms again styled and finished with a fantastic eye to detail

The apartments located in the 3rd building 2x 2 bedroom fully renovated apartments again styled with great taste and design.

The pictures really do not show this off in it’s true colours.
Not only do you have lots of accommodation options but the land is full of fruit trees with a great harvest.

This proposition has so many options for a buyer looking for a self sustaining lifestyle in a stunning location with all year round sunshine on the paradise island of Gran Canaria.

Only serious buyers please

Viewings by Appointment only

Asking Price is 970,000€
sensible offers may be considered

Localización de la Propiedad

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