Rustic Finca in Teror with Fruit Trees and Caves

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Rustic Finca in Teror with Fruit Trees and Caves
Teror, Las Palmas, Spain
For Sale 60,000€ - Finca
F359V 2442 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 35

Rustic Finca in Teror with Fruit Trees and Caves

Rustic Finca in Teror with Fruit Trees and Caves For sale rustic land in Teror situated in los corrales. It has a store room of 35m2 which has been fitted with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for your comfort. The land has fruit trees which consist of plums, 3 figs, papayas, orchards, 16 avocado trees, 12 orange trees, 2 sharon fruits and many more. The land is 2.442.50 m2, with a barbecue area and three caves of 16m2, 16m2 and 19m2. The land is ideal for family and friend gatherings. There is water coming from the mountains and access to electric with a generator.~~Purchase costs are not included in the property price. These are: Transfer tax of 6,5% of the purchase price for second hand properties or taxes of 8% of the purchase price for first hand properties. In addition to this, the buyer must pay notary, registry and lawyers fees. You should allow for between 8-10% of the price, however, we can provide an estimate for any property that interests you.

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